It’s been a long time, been a long time…

Seriously, things are great. I love my job, most of the people I work with… I even love the drive. We’ll see how I feel about that come winter. The apartment is taking shape, I’m scouring the resale and consignment shops for furniture to rework, and we’re slowly deciding on colors for the walls. Nothing wild, simply because we have to repaint before we leave. No big deal, though. 

To date, I’ve lost 75 pounds, and I’ve gone from a size 24/26W to a regular 16/18. I’m walking out of my work shoes, but I’m too cheap to buy new ones yet. Summer’s coming, and in the past, I’ve had one foot swell up pretty big, and I want to see if it’s going to happen again. I’m hoping it won’t since surgery…because I’d really rather not have to wear flip-flops AND long pants throughout the summer because of the Elephant Foot/Ankle. I figure that I have roughly 34/40 more pounds to lose. I’m relatively tall and have a large bone structure, so 190 should fit me just fine. The belly’s still jelly, my hips have disappeared, and Maddie says my booty looks cute. Swimsuit season’s totally freakin’ me out. Does Spanx make a full body swimsuit? Is it tacky to want to wear a maxi-dress in a pool? (Kidding… well, not completely)

I’ve also been considering dating again. Now that’s crazy.  

Anyway, that’s what’s been happening so far. There’s more, but I’m whipped and I need to get some sleep. 

Check me out now! 



We’re In!

We arrived at the new apartment Sunday afternoon with the Trailblazer and uHaul trailer literally packed to the gills. It was so much that about 80 miles from home, the truck started to run hot. We stopped for a while to let it cool down, and then got back on the road, staying well under the 70mph speed limit. (Now before you jump all over me, I didn’t drive over 55 the entire way down. The cruise was set. So there.) 

We got everything unloaded with the help of Lynn, Anita, Brandy, and Rhonda, and then the guys arrived. Well, they sat out in the truck and watched the ladies toting everything inside. 😉 Seriously though… Len, Logan, Bob, & Rod brought in the mattresses, went to pick up the sofa and matching chair, and then dropped off the trailer. I had to pick up my car, so my brother and I picked up pizzas and took them to the Downing B&B so all of us could eat. I wasn’t ready to cook a meal in the kitchen yet. 

We realized that we left all of the lamps behind. We also left behind my antique buffet, a vintage oak chair that I just loved, my re-covered office chair, two other chairs that I had plans to re-cover, most of our soft and plushy lap blankets, both of my bed pillows/shams, a gorgeous wrought iron cross wall ornament, ALL of my measuring cups (one was an old 8-cupper, too!), an 8×10 rug that a friend was going to buy, and other random items. There just wasn’t any way to get them into the truck or trailer. It’s truly amazing how much STUFF two people can amass in three short years. No more. In the last two days, I’ve been to Goodwill and a couple of other consignment shops, and I have to force myself to stay away from the tchotckes. I’m looking for some very specific pieces, taking pictures of items that may work, in hopes that they’ll still be there when I start bringing in some cash. There’s no shortage of thrift and consignment shops in the Southeastern part of Michigan, that’s for sure. I’m sure I’ll find plenty to choose from in the next couple of months! 



So sorry I’ve been absent for so long! We’ve been in the process of packing up a four bedroom apartment (3 years’ worth of stuff!), traveling 200 +/- miles across the state for interviews, securing a sweet little (read: no more junk!) apartment back in my hometown, and still working at the flower shop, finishing up what should have been a $10,000 wedding, but the boss cut her a deal and only charged her $7K. It’s one of those baby’s breath monsters…if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just Google “baby’s breath wedding” and you’ll see what I mean. Not as simple as they look. I also have a smaller wedding to finish tomorrow. Will I miss doing flowers? Probably. Will I miss the drama of holiday? Probably not. 

Anyway, I’ve been selling off my furniture because I just don’t want to haul it. I’m keeping my antique buffet (which I plan on sanding and painting), my grandfather’s roll-top desk (not an expensive one, but I age-painted it to look old), a vintage drop-leaf kitchen table (with that awesome chipped, crazed, original white pain finish, complete with the phrase “Mexican Power” scratched into the paint) that I found in the basement of an old flower shop I worked in five or so years ago, an antique oak chair found in the same place as the table, a small chest of drawers that came from my dad, and my bed. I love my bed. The rest is all in boxes, the freezers have been emptied, the fridge is next on the list. The pantry has been purged and I’ve saved out the unopened basics. Not much cupboard space in the new kitchen, but that’s just fine with me. Why stock up when it’s just two people? When I emptied the chest freezer, I found frozen veggies that were two years old, freezer-burned chicken thighs, and things so covered in permafrost, I shudder to think what’s in those packages. No more chest freezer! 

As for my weight, I had a long stall this month. I ate pretty badly during Valentine’s Weekend at the shop. Generous people brought in pizza, chips, soda, etc…and yes, I brought in chicken, beef, yogurt, cheese…but after working 8 hours and you need to keep going for another three or four before you head home for the night, you snag a slice of pizza and a handful of chips. You sip a soda. After the weekend was over, I knew I would gain a couple of pounds from the carb load I ingested, and I was right. The good news, is that the following weekend, I traveled downstate to do some interviews and snag the apartment. I always stay at my friend’s house when I’m down, and when I’m there, she always has the things I need to eat…and when I came home, I had broken my stall and lost 2 pounds. A couple of days later, I lost another three pounds for a grand total of five pounds lost. That means I’ve lost a total of 60 pounds since surgery October 28, 2013. Not too shabby! 



It’s not likely that I’ll be posting anything else until we’re moved in this weekend, and our internet connection is installed on Monday or Tuesday. I *could* post from my mobile, but I know I won’t, So, you’ll just have to wait!

See you on the OTHER side of the state!! 


21 Things Spiritually Strong People Don’t Do

Lina AbuJamra


There is nothing more appealing than someone who is spiritually strong.

Whether it’s a Biblical hero like Esther or Joseph, or a modern day hero like Billy Graham, there are some things that spiritually strong people tend to do and think. And other things that they don’t do.

The following is a list of 21 actions that spiritually strong people don’t do:

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More sunshine, please!
It’s getting so hard to feel perky when the sun is completely shrouded in snow-filled clouds. When the sun IS shining, I’m at work, far away from a window to bask in. Oh, I can see the sun’s rays streaming through the window, but I’m too far away from it to feel anything.

More Vitamin D, anyone?


Wow, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything and I’m so sorry about that! I’d like to say that my absence was because I was busy, but that would be a lie. I’ve just not been feeling like posting anything, and nothing blog-worthy has happened. Oh, there’s been some negativity going on, but since I can’t divulge anything about that until it’s done, you’ll just have to wait. 

Two good things that happened last week: 

  1. I’ve lost 53 pounds in twelve weeks. Not too shabby. 
  2. My blood pressure is now “normal”. This one is a biggie for me, considering that I’ve had HBP since chemo and radiation in 2008/2009. It would register in the 180/80’s, even with me taking Lopressor twice a day. Anyway, I saw my PCP and my blood pressure was 126/64, which I am very grateful for. 

I’m taking Prilosec…again. There’s nothing fun about waking up in the morning with a burning feeling at the back of my throat. I’m not convinced that it’s because of my sleeve, but more to do with some serious external pressure that my daughter and I have been going through. So, I’m taking the Prilosec, because I really don’t need an ulcer or an aggravated esophagus. 

Single Awareness Day is coming up fast…there are days when I want a relationship, and there are days when I would like to dig a really big moat around myself to keep people at bay. I’ve spied some cuties on POF, and we’ve been chatting away, but I’m just not sure I want to share my world yet. I like sleeping in my bed…alone. I like not having to tell anyone where I’m going or when I’m coming back. You know? 

I’ll close this post with this: I’m glad January’s over and done, because it was not a kind month for many of my family and friends. February, please be kind.